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The Lawn Tech program of continuous treatments combined with top quality nutrients and weed control virtually guarantees you are going to love your lawn!

Our 5 Step Plan to a beautiful lawn has been hailed by our customers as "The" way to go when it comes to having "The best lawn on the block".

We offer a wide variety of different services to choose from when your lawn needs the services of a professional. Please see our Services links pages for more details.
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Established in 1985, Lawn Tech has prided itself in customer service and professionalism. Helping consumers create a healthly lawn by regular fertilization and weed control. Employees dedicated to helping each and every customer establish a beautiful lawn at an affordable price. Offering only five treatments since our start, we offer a complete treatment without splitting up services to offer the customer value for the money. 

CIties we proudly service:

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Dallas, 75240, 75254, 75248

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Flower Mound, 75022, 75028

Fairview, 75069

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Garland, 75040, 75041, 75042, 75044

Highland Village, 75077

Lake Dallas, 75065

Lewisville, 75022, 75028, 75056, 75057, 75067, 75077

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McKinney, 75069, 75070, 75071

Melissa, 75454

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Pilot Point, 76258

Plano, 75023, 75024, 75025, 75074, 75075, 75086, 75093, 75094

Prosper, 75078

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Wylie, 75098
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Fighting Drought
and Watering Restrictions?
Now we can level the playing field.
     Cutting watering up to 
Moisture Manager
Moisture Manager:

Is an advanced, and environmentally-sound chemistry which reduces your watering requirements by up to 50% or more. Forming a thin persistent film on roots surfaces it attracts available moisture, like tiny water magnets, giving plants an important ally in the year-round drought cycle.

Moisture Manager captures and retains water vapor coming in contact with the roots forming countless reservoirs that will prove vital to plant survival when moisture levels drop out of reach of the root zone. This helps to prolong a plants healthy internal processes and reduces or even eliminates drought stresses that lead to disease and pest.

Persisting through multiple waterings, the cycle of vapor capture and droplet formation repeats, ensuring that your turf and plants have a vital an uninterrupted supply of moisture. The film also travels with roots as they grow. As plants respond to changing moisture levels, they will benefit form Moisture Managers lasting effects.

The benefits of appling Moisture Manager:
Minimize Drought Stress
Control or Eliminate Dry Spots
Enhance Nutrient Uptake
Increase Seed Germination
Optimize Pesticide Efficiency  
Extend Flower Life
Improve Transplant Survival
Lower Watering Expense 

Drought stress affects all plants
  Moisture Manager is effective on:

Bedding Plants
Flowering Plants
Vegetable Gardens
Potted and Containerized Plants
and much much more

Learn more here

Watering the Lawn for McKinney, Denton and Plano Areas

by Lawn Tech Staff on 01/12/12

Watering your lawn can be another added expense most people don't have, however, protecting your investment can pay off big time. If you plan on selling your house, landscaping can be the first impression a potential buyer gets, giving you a leg up before the new owner steps their foot inside. So, how much do you water and how often? If you have an irrigation system get to know how it works and how much water volume it puts out. This fact can help you decide how long to leave the system running. Watering this time of year can help top growth rejuvenate and give your yard a boost going into summer.
Deep watering your lawn slowly and for longer periods can make the root system deeper, making your lawn healthier than your neighbors, trees and shrubs need a boost as well and watering them deep can help. With high winds this time of year drying out your landscape environment, watering can be crucial. Pay attention to the amount of water your lawn absorbs, limit run-off by montoring the system, don't just "Set it and forget it."
Once you know your systems output, water throughly once weekly until run-off is visible the longer infrequent watering the better. Check out watering guideline icon over to the right of this blog entry, click on the link and you will get some additional information that may be helpful. Visit our website for the right chemicals at the right time by professionals who care about your yard.

Un-Wanted Pest in Frisco, Plano Homes

by Lawn Tech Staff on 01/10/12

Most homes eventually are invaded by one pest or the other, be it from ants, spiders, scorpions, crickets, all types of invading pest can plaque the average home, ex specially in the region we live in. Most pest are seeking three things, shelter, water and food. We know its almost impossible to rid our environment of the three things pest need. So what do we do?
There are many ways to eliminate pest, but some are not as effective as others, the most proven way to eliminate the nasty critters is to treat the inside and outside perimeters of your home. This process can be done by professionals in a way that minimizes chemical residue and limits drift. Chemicals for this purpose are usually chosen by industry for there low toxic levels and are usually considered safe to apply in and around your environment, once the chemical dries, the pest cannot cross the barrier without dying.
Lawn Tech, offers some special programs offering discounts for perimeter pest control and we are the best at providing good coverage in an effective manner, taking care of the outside of your home is best left to us, we have been offering perimeter pest control for years and specialize in spraying the perimeter of your foundation to ensure that stubborn pests are driven away.
Protect your environment today by calling the professionals at Lawn Tech and rid your home of nasty vermin up to no good. 972-346-2696

Grubs in Plano lawns

by Lawn Tech Staff on 01/09/12

White grubs eat organic matter including the roots of plants. Therefore, damage first appears to be drought stress. Heavily infested turf appears off color, gray-green, and wilts rapidly in the hot sun. Continued feeding will cause the turf to die in large irregular patches. The tunneling of the larvae cause the turf to feel spongy under foot and the turf can often be rolled back like a loose carpet. Once the damage is done, its hard to regain any new turf without sodding or seeding. The best alternative to damage is preventative grub insecticide, however, topical insecticide can be applied once grubs have reached mature stages to kill on contact, preventing any further damage from occurring. Often grubs are found in soft soils or healthy lawns near and around street lamps or outdoor lighting. If you would like to find out how you can prevent grubs from ruining your lawn, call Now

Fleas and Ticks in Plano and Frisco

by Lawn Tech Staff on 01/06/12

Fleas and Ticks are common in our region during the humid to hot months of the year, although they can be around much of the year, you may tend to see them more as the end of spring approaches or at the start of summer.
Understanding how best to handle these pest can be no easy chore, fleas and ticks are blood feeding insects, known to invade the common house pet, livestock or native animals. They can carry disease and left untreated can pose a huge threat to your pets. Fleas and ticks go about their life cycle trying to find a host, not typically feeding on humans, however, they can bite and cause rashes, another reason to effectively treat them.
During the day one flea can bite your pet more than 400 times and lay hundreds of eggs, they eat three times their body weight in one day, their saliva can cause skin problems for pets and ticks can carry a whole host of deadly diseases. So when and how do you effectively rid your environment of these pest?
From now till the fall, a common insecticide application outdoors can be the first step, spraying your yard, surrounding shrub areas, and foundation is a good start, in conjunction with this application the homeowner should treat their pets and indoors as well, giving the little vermin no place to reside.
Then approximately 7-10 days later apply the same process again to kill any eggs or hatch lings left over. This process seems to help eradicate fleas and ticks, with the combination of outside and inside insecticide treatment, treating your pets with either a collar, flea dip or other applied medications can finally rid your home environment. Call Lawn Tech today to have us professionally apply flea and tick spray, we will work with you to come back and follow-up with second application, helping you effectively kill your flea and tick problem.

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moisture manager
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